Thursday, December 18, 2008



Website <3 I follow this blog once in a while, cause i just LOVE the pics they make, although the language isnt mine, this still is an awesome blog!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

:: Salopettes in Plaid ::

These outfits comes with a sculpted skirt, salopette tops/glitchpants, black longsleeves and grey sheer belted stockings/pantyhose (also a torn version included) and costs 325 ld a set.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New DT Mainstore! at WiLLow BEaCh

New hair called LIEKE and Eefje has arrived at the brandnew mainstore of :: DUTCH TOUCH :: at WillowBeach. These haistyles have sculpted hairpieces and a sculpted striped woolen beanie.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

:: Iki's RezzDay :: Group Lottery Winners!


First i like to thank everyone for the lovely personal greetings and enthousiasm! I received hundreds of NoteCards this week!!
I just drawn 2 x 24 NoteCards,... and these lucky ones had received their presents earlier today.

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: 1000 LD MainStoreCard :

1 Lostern Vaher
2 Static Schultz
3 Gumiho Zhaoying
4 Chase Troncon
5 Capricornian Castaignede
6 Tasar Ochs
7 bani Benelli
8 Umbra Lunardi
9 Echo Darkstone
10 Shiva Svoboda
11 Express Zenovka
12 Onix Anthony
13 Venturino Benson
14 Seal Rang
15 Ken Silbermann
16 Kurtis Anatine
17 McPriPree Dezno
18 Ran Garrigus
19 Jonah Courtois
20 Gin Susanowa
21 rovin Yokosuka
22 Nexeus Fatale
23 Rufus Trefoil
24 Deven Bury

AMY Skins FatPack and Wounds and Bruises ( worth ld 5950 ) :

1 Ashley Lightfoot
2 Brook Indigo
3 Roodvosje Rosse
4 Belinda Burner
5 Cattiva Vita
6 mahmen Laval
7 Pheobe Petrov
8 Sanlly Back
9 Gala Giha
10 Dhoa Kohime
11 MissEm Boa
12 Morgan Hush
13 Ambre Jun
14 Pasion Nitely
15 Cayenne Republic
16 Dafne Watanabe
17 Elora Larnia
18 Kika Calayan
19 Renee Hailey
21 Thursday Schism
22 Willow Llewellyn
23 Pandora Bamaisin
24 Cat Masala

Congrats to the winners!!

Wish you all a very pleasant weekend <3

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New at the Separates Store...

Strapless Tops on all the layers in semi sheer and on the Jacketlayer also in a non sheer variation.
Shown above are available at OnRez

At the Separates Store of :: DUTCH TOUCH :: you will find these tops in 7 colourvariations each for 135 LD

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

::DUTCH TOUCH:: PhYllie Messy2

Iki's First Hairrelease, ... For now, just only one girlie hairdo in 20 colourvariations (more hair coming soon), available at the entrence of the mainstore at Willow Beach.