Monday, January 14, 2008

^^ NoseFreckleLess Amy ^^

Amy Skin Line Released
After the release of Skin Amy i received many requests of making this skin in a lighter and or darker skintone, so i started to work on this NoseFreckleLess Amy Skin Serie. This new line is available in 5 tones: Milky, Pale, Sunkissed, Tanned and Almond and also Wounds & Bruises. Every tone has 10 makeup variations. The skins are 950 LD each and the serie pack has all 10 make ups plus two extra and costs 5500 LD

Mainstore :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

First release is no longer available:


Wild Sense said...

PLEASE make this in the lighter skin tone.

Sai Pennell said...

ooooh! I actually tried the demo, and found it too light - I'm totally excited about the darker tone!

Can't wait until its out!!