Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Subscribe-o-Matic group for :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Hi there, just want to inform you that i activated the Subscribe-o-Matic for :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

I placed some kiosks at the mainstore at Willow Beach where you can subscribe/unsubscribe yourself.
The regular group iki's Dutch Touch will be continued, but you have a choice to stay or leave that one and/or join the new Subscribe-o-Matic update group for :: DUTCH TOUCH ::.

Now Available :: DUTCH TOUCH MainstoreCards ::

The display stands at the groundfloor of the mainstore (in the center of that hall. in between the table with socks and TP board)
Available Store Cards: LD 300, LD 500, LD 1500 and LD 3000.
If you have special requests, please do contact me ^^