Thursday, November 19, 2009

For those who care,...

Like many of you may know, i recently found out my skin work is used by another 'creator' without my permission.
The past week, i did research, compared these skins and i had to conclude without a doubt, that my copyright was violated.
I came a long way concern developing skins for the Second Life® market, over a period of two years i builded up the templates from scratch which are now base for the skin collection at DUTCH TOUCH
I experienced copyright violation before, my hand drawn sets as SISKE, HoleyMo, Torned Jeans, low waist jeans, certain tops a.o. i found in malls, BIAB's and textures of some of these products even were sold for many months by someone on XStreetSL® ,... full permission!
To see my skin work used by another person than myself made me sick to my stomach, it totally depressed me, i am angry and sad at the same time.

I am just another person, a human being, i have a husband and a 10 year old daughter, they can find me at our attic where my life went on the past three years. I work very very hard, every day at least 10 hours, i rarely take days off, i study, experimenting, creating, all to developing my skills. They are very proud of me, they support me 100%, but i can see and feel they miss me too... and in their hearts they wishes i spend more time with them.
I invested a lot, not only in time to build up a business, bought another PC, purchased new software and updated older versions, bought official royalty free especially on the market for the developers and creators of digital characters reference material.
I like to learn Maya, but this software is very expensive and i am still doubting about buying it, BUT i refuse to use an illegal copy. It is just a matter of making the right choices.

It is this simple, when you are not able to do it the right way, do not lower yourself to choose for the wrong way. Accept this. Stay true to yourself, look in the mirror and find a way to make yourself proud, instead of looking at others, being jaleous at others, and assume they will not see, hear or feel.
I cannot accept the argument, this is how life works, cause the way of thinking LIFE should be this way is not the way i LIVE it!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

::JoLie:: inStore XD

::JoLie:: Caramel - SmokeySmooth
::JoLie:: Cream - Dark

::JoLie:: Released Octobre 29th '09

CafeNoir, Coffee, Olive, Caramel and Cream

16 MakeUps (3 sets of Packs)
* Prim EyeLashes included

• 2 x Cleavages
• With and without Freckles/Moles for all skintones.
• Black and Brown Eyebrows
• Extra Blond Eyebrows for the skintones Olive, Caramel and Cream.

Friday, October 23, 2009

::JoLie:: PiP serie inStore XD

::JoLie:: Cream - Pip7
::JoLie:: Cream - Pip4

::JoLie:: PiP serie only has almost no eyebrows and lightblond brows, freckles/moles option, two cleavages and the skins are available in the tones PaleApricot and Cream.

Monday, October 5, 2009

::RiVeR:: Released

::RiVeR:: Olive Basic
::RiVeR:: in Cream, Caramel, Olive & Coffee
including 2 Eyebrowoptions and 2 Cleavages, prim eyelashes and pubic hair on the clotheslayers. There are 11 makeUps to choose from and all comes in a FATPack as well.

::RiVeR:: Caramel Catseyes
More pics at my Flickr

Coming up skinline, ::RiVeR II:: expect to be released very soon!

::RiVeR II:: Preview Cream

Coming soon ::RiVeR II:: in Cotton, Cream & Caramel
including 3 Eyebrowoptions, 2 Cleavages, with and without freckles, prim eyelashes and pubic hair on the clotheslayers.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

::CleO:: Pale Apricot and Coffee

CleO Coffee *Spring* Preview
CleO Apricot *Spring* Preview

Just arrived! ::CleO:: Pale Apricot and Coffee. Coffee is the darkest tone i made thusfar, and Pale Apricot one of the lightest. These series comes with/without freckles, shaved and non shaved and 8 MakeUps to choose from. Both series have their fatpacks as well. Demos are free.

Friday, August 28, 2009


::CleO:: Caramel - OhBoi EB2
::CleO:: Cream - Spring EB2 FR
::CleO:: Olive - Smokey EB1

::CleO:: is available in 3 tones, cream, caramel and olive. There are 9 make up variations to choose from and each skin comes with shaved and non shaved version, freckles or no freckles and Black and Brownred eyebrows.

::CleO:: PiP and PUNk

::CleO:: Cream - PiP1 EB1
::CleO:: Cream - PiP3 EB1
::CleO:: Caramel - Punk2 EB1
::CleO:: Caramel - Punk3 EB1

Just arrived to the mainstore of :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Serie PiP and PUNk for the skinline called ::CleO:: The tones in this line are yet Olive, Caramel and Cream.
More pics are viewable at my Flickrpages

( Hair/hat : Atomic )

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

:: DUTCH TOUCH ::CleO PiPo::

CleO Pipo
CleO Pipo
CleO Pipo

Just added a :: DUTCH TOUCH :: *Specials* Skinsserie to the store, hope u 'll enjoy them! XD
The :: DUTCH TOUCH ::CleO PiPo:: skins are sold in minipacks with 6 makeup variations. This funline is only available in 3 skintones: Cotton, Cream and Caramel.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

::MaUve:: Just arrived!

::MaUve:: Caramel CatsEyes
::MaUve:: Cream Night::MaUve:: Olive Vamp
::MaUve:: is available in 5 tones, cotton, peach, cream, caramel and olive. There are 14 make up variations to choose from and each skin comes with shaved and non shaved version, and freckles or no freckles.
Come over to ::DUTCH TOUCH:: for the free demos!
More Pics @ Flickr

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NEW SkinTone for ::DUnE::

::DUnE:: Peach - CatsEyes

As some of you requested, i added an extra skintone to the ::DUnE:: collection today. This tone called PEACH is now the palest in this serie.

I am also working on a new skin called ::MaUve:: She has a friendly face, not so thick eyebrows XD and freckles! When i am back from my vacation i will work further on the ::MaUve:: skinline and hopefully they will be in store mid of August.

As from coming friday until the next friday i am not able to check my messages frequently, so if you want to contact me, please drop me an NoteCard and i ll get back at you as soon as i am able to or when i am back home.
<3 iki

Friday, July 24, 2009

::DUnE:: @ LE.LOOK

Poster Vamp LE.LOOK
Poster Lollipop LE.LOOK

I added two makeups of the ::DUnE:: Skins to the LE.LOOK location

Hair - [Shag Hair] - Bound - dirtyblonde
Pose and Pumps - Maitreya
Socks - *SHOP SEU* --taitsu taight RED--

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

::DUnE:: Just arrived!

::DUNe:: Caramel - CatsEyes
::DUNe:: Cocoa - Rust

::DUnE:: is a brand new skin, renewed face and body and comes in 5 tones, cream, caramel, tanned, olive and cocoa. There are 12 make up variations to choose from and each skin comes with shaved and non shaved version, and 3 brow options. The skins costs 1000 LD a make up and the FATPACK costs 7000 ld for all the 12 make ups!
Demos are free.
More Pics @ Flickr


Monday, June 22, 2009

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: TankTopsPacks

Tops Pack Greys
Tops Pack Reds
Tops Pack Whites

Packs come with 6 tanktops in variations of colours at all the toplayers and costs 375 LD.
Also available at LE.LOOK and Atomic
More pics at Flickr

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

::FOrEst:: Collection arrived!

::FoResT:: DeepPeach Rust
::FoResT:: Blossom CatsEyeViolet

The final collection of ::FOrEst:: just arrived to the mainstore of ::DUTCH TOUCH::
These skins comes in 6 skintones and are available in 14 different MakeUps. Each MakeUp has two eyebrow options (Black and Brown), two lipsshapes and shaved or no shaved.
The skins costs 1000 LD each.

The ::MOon:: and ::SUn:: skins are from now on reduced in price from 750 LD to 500 LD each.

More Pics at Flickr

Thursday, June 11, 2009

::FOrEst:: PreSale!

::FoResT:: PreSale

::FOrEst:: skins PreSale!
6 MakeUps in 6 tones now available at the mainstore of ::DUTCH TOUCH::

All MakeUps comes with 3 brow options, Light, DarkBrown and Black and also with or without pubic hair. And last but not least each MakeUp has two lip variations! XD

More MakeUps in the ::FOrEst:: line will be added soon!