Tuesday, January 27, 2009

:: Woolen BikerJackets Shorts Sets ::

These sets includes the woolen jacket with sculpted sleeves and collar, grey denim shorts, sculpted longleeves (gloves) and a belt.

Extra in the black set: Stockings and longsleeved darkgrey shirt
Extra in the green set: Leggings and a grey shirt

Available at the Mainstore and the black outfit is also available at the new location at Le.Look

Hair used on the above ad is from Zero Style and the boots are from Shiny Things

Pictures by Nemo Little:

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: Woolen Crop Biker Jackets * 8 colours

Pictures by Nemo Little:


October Hush said...

Oh boy...NEED!

Lib said...

Love the outfit and that hair...where's it from?

Iki Ikarus said...

YAY! TY!!.
The boots are the amazing new release from SHiny THings and the hair i bought at Zero STyle ;-)