Wednesday, February 18, 2009

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: StoreCards

Sorry people, i (:: DUTCH TOUCH:: ) have really bad news, appearantly the system has a fatal bug.

I have no other choice than to stop using store cards a.s.a.p.

I like to give honest people the change to use their credit, but there will be a limit of usage now.

If you bought storecards during the sale or you own some :: DUTCH TOUCH :: StoreCards, you can still use it until the end of this month.

I will NOT refund purchased cards. You have the change to empty your card until the 1st (first) of March 2009.

On the 1st of March 2009, i will take out all the scripts from the vendors which means that the TMC StoreCards can not be used from that moment on.

Due to customer loyalty and the scripted cards not being in place after March 1st, all cards can be redeemed at remaining value of merchandise by following the steps listed below:

1. Place card in a folder named Dutch Touch Store Card (Your full avatar name)
2. Fill in a notecard and place in same folder with the items you wish you recieve to the full value of the remaining balance of the card
3. Send the folder to me, Iki Ikarus in world and as soon as possible items will be sent to you, please allow a few days for processing

** Note this system will not be in place until after the 1st march



Saeya said...

Hi Iki,

What exactly is the issue going on with the store cards? I can't seem to find any information and would really like to know as I use the tmc system, as well.

Thanks love,

Iki Ikarus said...

Hi Saeya,
I just have sended you a FlickR mail ;-))

Jenn said...

Why dont you disable scripts until this bug is fixed. that way people can use there store cards once lindens have fixed this?

This is what deviant kitties and eat rice have done.

People have purchased these store cards in good faith and i know my friend was really miffed having to spend on all her store cards so quickly on items she didnt want or actually threw them away as she already has a lot of your current yummy products.

basically you are stealing from those honest customers who bought in good faith.

Iki Ikarus said...

Disable scripts means that people cannot use the store cards at all, and their is NO guarantee LL will fix this bug soon or later, so basically this option can take forever.

I wanted to give people the opportunity to use the cards for a short period of time for the experience of fun shopping with 50% discounted cards.
With this decision, the risk i have that store cards can get corrupted, when this happens to people, it means they can use the store card as many times as they wish, and many people use it.

So basically you are accusing me of stealing?

After the first the values remain on the cards arent expired only the store card system isn't active anymore in my store, people do not have to spend their credits, they have a choice in using the cards in the store until the first of March or exchange it for goods manually after the first of March 2009

Jenn said...

i didnt see the manual option, i just read the notecard you sent and must have missed it so i apologise.

Manual option is perfectly fine.

I may have mixed up your notice with Leagues so please accept my apologies