Tuesday, September 15, 2009

::CleO:: Pale Apricot and Coffee

CleO Coffee *Spring* Preview
CleO Apricot *Spring* Preview

Just arrived! ::CleO:: Pale Apricot and Coffee. Coffee is the darkest tone i made thusfar, and Pale Apricot one of the lightest. These series comes with/without freckles, shaved and non shaved and 8 MakeUps to choose from. Both series have their fatpacks as well. Demos are free.


Grazia said...

It's love!!!!! <3

Janice Jupiter said...

Looks fabulous! Can you tell me what the hair is? (the curly one) thanks!

Iki Ikarus said...

Ty XD the hair is (AL) Aprho - Black Only from Another Level Body Shop, Fruitatious (102, 164, 22) <3

Janice Jupiter said...

Thank you!