Thursday, October 29, 2009

::JoLie:: inStore XD

::JoLie:: Caramel - SmokeySmooth
::JoLie:: Cream - Dark

::JoLie:: Released Octobre 29th '09

CafeNoir, Coffee, Olive, Caramel and Cream

16 MakeUps (3 sets of Packs)
* Prim EyeLashes included

• 2 x Cleavages
• With and without Freckles/Moles for all skintones.
• Black and Brown Eyebrows
• Extra Blond Eyebrows for the skintones Olive, Caramel and Cream.

Friday, October 23, 2009

::JoLie:: PiP serie inStore XD

::JoLie:: Cream - Pip7
::JoLie:: Cream - Pip4

::JoLie:: PiP serie only has almost no eyebrows and lightblond brows, freckles/moles option, two cleavages and the skins are available in the tones PaleApricot and Cream.

Monday, October 5, 2009

::RiVeR:: Released

::RiVeR:: Olive Basic
::RiVeR:: in Cream, Caramel, Olive & Coffee
including 2 Eyebrowoptions and 2 Cleavages, prim eyelashes and pubic hair on the clotheslayers. There are 11 makeUps to choose from and all comes in a FATPack as well.

::RiVeR:: Caramel Catseyes
More pics at my Flickr

Coming up skinline, ::RiVeR II:: expect to be released very soon!

::RiVeR II:: Preview Cream

Coming soon ::RiVeR II:: in Cotton, Cream & Caramel
including 3 Eyebrowoptions, 2 Cleavages, with and without freckles, prim eyelashes and pubic hair on the clotheslayers.