Thursday, November 19, 2009

For those who care,...

Like many of you may know, i recently found out my skin work is used by another 'creator' without my permission.
The past week, i did research, compared these skins and i had to conclude without a doubt, that my copyright was violated.
I came a long way concern developing skins for the Second Life® market, over a period of two years i builded up the templates from scratch which are now base for the skin collection at DUTCH TOUCH
I experienced copyright violation before, my hand drawn sets as SISKE, HoleyMo, Torned Jeans, low waist jeans, certain tops a.o. i found in malls, BIAB's and textures of some of these products even were sold for many months by someone on XStreetSL® ,... full permission!
To see my skin work used by another person than myself made me sick to my stomach, it totally depressed me, i am angry and sad at the same time.

I am just another person, a human being, i have a husband and a 10 year old daughter, they can find me at our attic where my life went on the past three years. I work very very hard, every day at least 10 hours, i rarely take days off, i study, experimenting, creating, all to developing my skills. They are very proud of me, they support me 100%, but i can see and feel they miss me too... and in their hearts they wishes i spend more time with them.
I invested a lot, not only in time to build up a business, bought another PC, purchased new software and updated older versions, bought official royalty free especially on the market for the developers and creators of digital characters reference material.
I like to learn Maya, but this software is very expensive and i am still doubting about buying it, BUT i refuse to use an illegal copy. It is just a matter of making the right choices.

It is this simple, when you are not able to do it the right way, do not lower yourself to choose for the wrong way. Accept this. Stay true to yourself, look in the mirror and find a way to make yourself proud, instead of looking at others, being jaleous at others, and assume they will not see, hear or feel.
I cannot accept the argument, this is how life works, cause the way of thinking LIFE should be this way is not the way i LIVE it!!


Sasy Scarborough said...


Anita61 Anatine said...

Iki, I love your work, your designs, be it clothes or skins are alway diferent, your textures are amazing ande the way you do seams and straps shows that you are a pefectionist!
It's awfull how people just steel desings and get away with it. I hope this won't put you off designing, please keep up your excellent work!

Anemysk Karu said...

You are very talented and sweet person Iki. I highly admire your work and share your belies. I wish we could life in better world when people don't steal from each other. I know how overwhelming this feeling is... when someone hurt our creative side by stilling from us. Its a digital art and should be protected better.

I really hope you can still find joy in your work. You have many people who really care about your case.


Rarely said...

(I work very very hard, every day at least 10 hours, i rarely take days off, i study, experimenting, creating, all to developing my skills.)

The hours devoted are countless are they not? Years spent perfecting your craft, and to have it ripped off in a second seems inconceivable.

We must find a way to preserve the skills and talent. Knowing designers have them is not enough.

SySy Chapman said...

Iki, i'm so sorry you have to go trough this. I love your work and you're mad talented! Besides the usual dmca's and all that jazz, lets just try to think that KARMA is a huge bitch ;)
Hang in there and continue to make awesome stuff!

Sascha Frangilli said...

Er is gelukkig (nog) niks gestolen van mij, maar ik voel totaal met je mee! Achterlijke kl**tz*kken!


Stacie said...

Iki, you are extremely talented, and your skins are incredible! I'm so sorry that some people would rather steal from you than produce their own creations. It is truly despicable. But I hope you know that you have the support of the entire fashion community behind you. And I hope you have the strength to continue your beautiful work in SL, because I truly cherish it. Many hugs to you! - Stacie Pryor

Sanura Snowpaw said...

*hugs* I was there I know how much this hurt your courage your professionalism shows more about you then anything else. You are a wonderful person and those that see you for you will always support you

Grazia said...

I'm starting to get the sweet and caring woman behind Iki better all the time, and you know how much I admire your talent and stamina. You have more supporters than you think, Iki. Hang in there mooi mens! <3

Cajsa Lilliehook said...

I hope that sharing the pain that theft causes for you as an individual and how it affects your family will change the attitudes of people who excuse theft with the thoughtlesss "everybody does it" and "it doesn't hurt anyone" The only way to stop theft is to change people's hearts and minds - and that's why it's important and valuable when people share the effects of theft on them. Thank you.

Zaara said...

I have watched u develop skins over the year that I know you, beta after beta. Not only are you an amazing creator but also sweet and honest person and a great friend.
Pls don't lose hope and continue to make great content as you have been doing all this while :)


Anonymous said...

i see absolutely no comparable elements. have you filed a DCMA?

Iki Ikarus said...

EnCore Mayne said...

i see absolutely no comparable elements. have you filed a DCMA?
comparable elements towards what? HoleyMo, Torned Jeans, Siske,.. or the skins, is that so important to u, is that all you want to know? I have NO DOUBTS my work was used, when i have no doubts i do file a DMCA.

Tuli Asturias said...

Iki, the world is a sick place, both rl and sl. People suck. And there will always be people who haven't got a clue about content creation but find themselves in their right to judge it. (How's THAT for jealousy hm?)
There will also always be people who just want to cause a shitstorm because they like seeing people hurt and have no heart or integrity to speak of.
Content creators getting burned for trying to protect their very own work, it can't get much sillier.
And people wonder why I am a hermit. lol
It has no use making your evidence public, there are too many people who have no clue about the process of making skins and who'll simply not see what creators can see, and start ridiculing you. And they are always the loudest and most heard.
It's a hard lesson to learn.
*hugs* Iki, hang in there. You are respected and loved.

NK said...

hi here is nedeko, thanks for the link which i read with attention. i especially like the latest paragraph.i wish it will be read with attention from all sites and from all ppl cause this words are important!

i wish that jaleous can be changed into motivation to learn techniques/styles from the own possibilites and skill and the interest of reading tutorials or booking graphic courses in the internet. simply to devoloping own skill. and to use legal sources which are done for 'stock' using, espically in the commercial view. i wish ppl would stop ripping and copying others. i wish ppl would learn what it really means to work on a project with passion. without any bad actings to hurt others. of course it is hard to learn things of sl stuff/skins .. but thats not a right to use a thief way for it.

and for yourself iki, please spend the time with your family after your trouble here is over. you and they deserve it. i am happy you get 100% support of rl for sl - that isnt often the case. for my experience. in advance i wish a greatfull xmas and happy new year.

many greetings,