Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hi all!,
Just arrived to the mainstore of DUTCH TOUCH, 3 new faces, Tekla, Fay and Eefje!. These skins are only for sale as basics, because i made lots and lots of tattoo layered makeup options, and even more will follow this month.

Eefje LIPSticks PINKs
For groupmembers I made a special cute little gift, nailpolish in 3 trendy colours, yellow, bright blue and fuchsia. I hope u will like it! So if you didnt received the groupnotice, go to grouphistory to grab your copy.

Tattoo Layers

Also instore, you will find another cute little free gift and Fay in olive tone is special priced for groupmembers only.
Happy Holidays!

More pics at Flickr

TEKLA LIPSticks MIXpack 1-5

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jolie V2

Hi there!
Just wanted to let you know that i refreshed the Jolie skinline. She had a nosejob, a brandnew body and extra SL 2.0 tattoolayers, as lipsticks, hairbases and moles/freckles.

For VIPs i added a very special priced FATPACK for each tone, cream, caramel, olive and cocoa.
Wish u a great monday!
<3 iki

Jolie V2 smokey caramel
Jolie V2 eagle cocoa

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Josje is INStore!

Josje Caramel Aqualiner

Hiya!! I am happy to say I finally finished the Josje skinline today and especially for VIPs i added several VIPsONLY vendors. Each tone ( cream, caramel, olive and cocoa ) have 18 (2 FATPack sets of 9) makeups to choose from. For VIPs there are two 50% off DUOPacks in each tone available. And i made VIPsONLY SPECIALS! Two makeups are only for sale for groupmembers and they come into a valuepack including 2 Josje shapes!

• Cream
• Caramel
• Olive
• Cocoa

• 2 x Eyebrows: Light and Darkblond (EBD)
• 2 x Cleavages (CL1 and CL2)
• Hairbase: Brown & Blond

SL2.0 Tattoo Layer:
• Freckles (SL2.0)
• HairBases (SL2.0)
• Lipsticks (SL2.0)

VIPS ONLY Pack Cream Basic plus Aqua

I hope you all enjoy Josje! Please do come over to take some free demos.

Josje Cocoa - Natural EBD HBBrown

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



The RiVER line was updated to the most recent body and also has now a black hairbase option.
Cream is no longer a toneoption for RiVER, but instead RiVER comes in COCOA too. For each tone; Caramel, Olive, Cocoa and Coffee is a set of DUOPacks available with 2 new makeUps.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Info for VIPGroupMembers

Let's do-o another Previewww! (VIPgroup)

I am developing yet another face, simple because i love to do it :p and i am curious about your findings and suggestions. This face is of a girl who don't show any intrests in winning a beautyqueencontest, she is just another girl next door, cute, a bit cheeky and clever. A natural blond with common sense. XD

As usually I try to find extremes in faces which give them an unique look. Not only the skin is important to create a unique look but ofcourse also does the shape miracles, so i dare you to go wild on your shapes!

If you have a Flickraccount i like to see some pics in my flickrgoup, and i hope u will inspire me within further development of this upcoming skin/shape serie.
Please feel free to write down your suggestions about makeups a.s.o. too if you want to, you can send it to iki@dutch-touch.com or drop me a NoteCard inworld.

Oh and for the records, i don't know yet how long the free preview skin will be available. It might be available for just 2 days or a bit longer, once i take it away it means that the preview is over. So if you aren't around SL and not able to come over to the mainstore today or tomorrow there is no need to contact me when i took away the vendor. Gone is gone.

<3 iki

Free Preview for VIPs ::JoSje::

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New @ DUTCH TOUCH ::Yri::

Hi all!, just arrived to the mainstore of ::DUTCH TOUCH::, a brand new skin called ::Yri:: in COTTON and COFFEE tone.

Because I havent released cotton and coffee tones much lately I decided to pre release these tones for ::Yri:: first!

There is a VIPsONLY DUOPack in COTTON 50% off vendor set up for VIPgroupmembers and also a FREE VIPsONLY ::Yri:: preview in Caramel, which full makeup serie will be released next week.

For all the makeups see my Flickrpages

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hi all!!
Today until saturday the 14th of August 2010 SKINSALE at DUTCH TOUCH. Almost all single skins are set half price for both male and female collections. Some fatpacks are discounted to a special price and others are set 50%. Enjoy the sale!!

<3 iki

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

::XaYa:: OUT Now!

::XaYa:: has arrived to the mainstore!
The regular set of skins has yet 10 makeups available in 4 tones, cream, caramel, olive and cocoa. ::XaYa:: comes with/without dark hairbase, with/without freckles/moles, cleavages CL 1 and CL2, pubic hair on the clothinglayers and prim eyelashes.

XaYa Cream

I have made 4 special makeups in 4 tones, only available for groupmembers and above also special priced to 750LD !

XaYa vipsONLY Basic

Come over to grab some demos and try ::XaYa:: out yourself!
<3 iki

Friday, June 18, 2010

::iAN:: MILK, INStore!

::iAN:: - Milk (released)
::iAN:: - Milk (released)
::iAN:: - Milk (released)

::iAN:: MILK
With and without Hairbases (HB),Light and Dark Eyebrows (EBBla/EBBlo), Moles/Freckle option (FR) and two modifiable shapes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

::iSiS:: just arrived!

Just arrived at the mainstore of ::DUTCH TOUCH:: a new female skinserie called ::iSiS::, including some special offers in the VIPGroup!

::iSiS:: Caramel


3 Series of MakeUpPACKs:
• 1 set of 10 MakeUps
• 2 sets of 5 MakeUps

• Blond and Black Eyebrows
• Blond and Black HairBase
• Cleavage option (CL1 and CL2)
* Prim Eyelashes

• Tones:
Cotton, Cream, Caramel, Olive and Cocoa

More pics at Flickr

Isis vipsONLY natural

Sunday, April 25, 2010

::DUTCH TOUCH:: Skins & Shapes VIPs

::DUTCH TOUCH:: Skins & Shapes

I opened a new regular group especially for the skins and shapes department of ::DUTCH TOUCH:: to receive information about new skinreleases, but also special groupgifts/offers of ::DUTCH TOUCH:: Male and Female Skins

You can now join for free!*
Search in groups for ::DUTCH TOUCH:: Skins & Shapes or Click the ::DUTCH TOUCH:: Skins & Shapes in my groupstab and join the club!


*enrollmentfee of 250 LD will be set in May 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

::kEIra:: Instore

::kEIra:: RED Olive SmokeyEx
::kEIra:: BLOND caramel emerald
::kEIra:: BLACK Cream emerald

::kEIra:: Blond
• Blond Eyebrows
• Blond HairBase
• Freckles/Moles option
• Cleavage option
* Prim Eyelashes

::kEIra:: Black
• Black Eyebrows
• Black HairBase
• Freckles/Moles option
• Cleavage option
* Prim Eyelashes

::kEIra:: Red
• Red Eyebrows
• Red HairBase
• Freckles/Moles option
• Cleavage option
* Prim Eyelashes

• Tones:
Cotton, Cream, Caramel and Olive

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: Hairbases - (SL2.0 Tattoo Layer)

::kEIra:: is located nearby the main entrence (teleportpoint)

FatPack available including all 15 MakeUps!

Look for all the ::kEIra:: pictures at my Flickr pages

Monday, March 1, 2010

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: Lingerie

Poster Boudoir
Poster Casual Lingerie

New at DUTCH TOUCH Casual Lingerie: Cute Garterbelts, Happy Hipsters, Sheer Nylons in RolledUp and Garterbelt version and all available in lots of colours.
For the Boudoir section on the second floor: new sets of bustier sets.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

::MaaN:: Instore

::MaaN:: cats eye poppy


Available in Cocoa tone only, 9 Single MakeUps or all 9 in FATPack, and also 4 sets of Duopacks (so in total there are 17 makeups), inclusive Eyelashes, Hairbase and Cleavages.

Friday, February 12, 2010

::AmbeR:: arrived!



9 MakeUps available, inclusive Eyelashes, with and without Hairbase, 2 Cleavages and 2 Eyebrowoptions.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: Renewed!

Just arrived, tanktops waffle, wrinkle tops, motojeans, camo pants and a total new store layout and rebuilded sim! Taxi to DUTCH TOUCH

Thursday, January 28, 2010

::CleO:: V2 Instore

::CLeO:: V2 Fluorlips
::CLeO:: V2 Frost

::CleO:: has been updated, now also available with cleavage options! I added a serie of 8 new make ups to the line as well.

::CleO:: V2 serie
* Freckles/Non Freckles
* 2 eyebrows
* CL1 and CL2 (cleavage options)
Available in: Cream, Caramel, Olive, Cocoa and Coffee

Teleport to DUTCH TOUCH

Thursday, January 21, 2010

::SjORs:: Released

::SjORs:: iLinerWine


With and without Freckles
With and without Hairbase
2 Eyebrow options
EBB = Black
2 Cleavage options
(CL1 & CL2)
including prim eyelashes

Available in: Cotton, Cream, Caramel, Olive, Cocoa and Coffee


Monday, January 18, 2010

::GwEN:: Released

::GwEN:: Joker

More pics at my FLICKRpages
14 MakeUps to choose from, 2 sets of FATPACKs
Available in:
Cotton, Cream, Caramel, Olive, Cocoa and Coffee
With and without Hairbase
2 Eyebrow options (EBD (dark) & EBL (light)
2 Cleavage options (CL1 & CL2)
including prim eyelashes


Saturday, January 9, 2010

::ROdd:: Just arrived!

::ROdd:: Face Tattoo
::ROdd:: Mutton Chops

With and without Hairbase
With and without ChestHair
in Pale, Cream, DeepOlive, Cocoa and Coffee

More pics at my FlickrPages

Friday, January 8, 2010

::NiK:: Gen2

::NiK:: Beard
::NiK:: EyeMakeUp

::NiK:: (Gen2 serie)
With and without Hairbase
With and without ChestHair
in Cream, DeepOlive and Cocoa

:: ReD :: inStore


With and without Hairbase, with and without facial hair (goatee)
in Pale, Cream and DeepOlive

Monday, January 4, 2010


All skins with the attached label are marked down from 1000 LD to 500 LD!
Skins including in this sale are all single skins in the ::DuNE:: and ::MaUve:: collection, ::CleO:: PiP and PUNK serie, ::CleO:: Natural and ::JoLie:: PiP serie

I wish you all a very HAPPY 2010!!

Fatpacks are not discounted.