Sunday, August 29, 2010

Info for VIPGroupMembers

Let's do-o another Previewww! (VIPgroup)

I am developing yet another face, simple because i love to do it :p and i am curious about your findings and suggestions. This face is of a girl who don't show any intrests in winning a beautyqueencontest, she is just another girl next door, cute, a bit cheeky and clever. A natural blond with common sense. XD

As usually I try to find extremes in faces which give them an unique look. Not only the skin is important to create a unique look but ofcourse also does the shape miracles, so i dare you to go wild on your shapes!

If you have a Flickraccount i like to see some pics in my flickrgoup, and i hope u will inspire me within further development of this upcoming skin/shape serie.
Please feel free to write down your suggestions about makeups a.s.o. too if you want to, you can send it to or drop me a NoteCard inworld.

Oh and for the records, i don't know yet how long the free preview skin will be available. It might be available for just 2 days or a bit longer, once i take it away it means that the preview is over. So if you aren't around SL and not able to come over to the mainstore today or tomorrow there is no need to contact me when i took away the vendor. Gone is gone.

<3 iki

Free Preview for VIPs ::JoSje::

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Grunge Style said...

I love all your stuff, but I still love River's lips the most. I want the look of Keira Red so much, but the lips just aren't as good. Regardless, I love it all, keep up the amazing work!