Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Josje is INStore!

Josje Caramel Aqualiner

Hiya!! I am happy to say I finally finished the Josje skinline today and especially for VIPs i added several VIPsONLY vendors. Each tone ( cream, caramel, olive and cocoa ) have 18 (2 FATPack sets of 9) makeups to choose from. For VIPs there are two 50% off DUOPacks in each tone available. And i made VIPsONLY SPECIALS! Two makeups are only for sale for groupmembers and they come into a valuepack including 2 Josje shapes!

• Cream
• Caramel
• Olive
• Cocoa

• 2 x Eyebrows: Light and Darkblond (EBD)
• 2 x Cleavages (CL1 and CL2)
• Hairbase: Brown & Blond

SL2.0 Tattoo Layer:
• Freckles (SL2.0)
• HairBases (SL2.0)
• Lipsticks (SL2.0)

VIPS ONLY Pack Cream Basic plus Aqua

I hope you all enjoy Josje! Please do come over to take some free demos.

Josje Cocoa - Natural EBD HBBrown