Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mensje - Eyebrows

Mensje - Eyebrows

I have updated the vendorfolders of Mensje, eyebrows Redbrown were replaced for Eyebrows Xtra.
These brows can be used as a base but also as an underlayment in combination with the new included tattoo eyebrows for a fuller/thicker eyebrowlook:

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: MenSje :: Xtra Eyebrows - Black
:: DUTCH TOUCH :: MenSje :: Xtra Eyebrows - Brown
:: DUTCH TOUCH :: MenSje :: Xtra Eyebrows - Blond

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: MenSje :: Brown Eyebrows - Bonus (copy/mod)
:: DUTCH TOUCH :: MenSje :: Red Eyebrows - Bonus (copy/mod)

The copy/mod bonus eyebrows are modifiable, so if you prefer you can tint them in appearance mode.
These new eyebrows tattoo can be used perfectly with the nobrows version of mensje as well.

I will send everyone who had bought mensje the past week, this update, but since i have to do all by hand, it might take a while to receive your copy.

Hope u like the new additions!

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