Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

It was six years ago a friend of mine Willow bought his first land called Willow Island and he offered me some space to set up a store there. Iki's Dutch Touch started at Willow Island in January 2007. Only a few months later I was able to buy a piece of land at another new region of Willow, called Willow Beach, later also known as the region DUTCH TOUCH.

Earlier this week I deleted all my belongings from the land and saw my beloved DUTCH TOUCH mainstore I builded (and rebuilded it over and over again) go up in thin air.
It was a kind of weird experience.
Anyhow, the land is gone, but I will put up some of my most recent female skin-work as 'Esmee' at Marketplace soon. Well,... maybe I'll find time to finally release 'Pientje' there as well.
I will keep you posted!

I wish 2013 will bring us all love, piece, happiness and a good health!

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